Add a tile overlay to your map

It is fairly simple to add a tile overlay to your map, once you have the tile structure. The tile structure is a folder structure containing images of 256 x 265 pixels. Such structure can easily be created with MapTiler. Keep in mind that MapTiler is still in beta!




On the map above there are two tile overlays visible. To make this possible it is important that the tile structure of both overlays are in a different folder. The advantage of this approach is that it makes it easy to choose (and implement) which map you want to see at a given zoom-level. You do this by just deleting the unwanted image files in tile structure.
The code below will show one of the maps.

<rd:tileOverlay images="img/overlays/411_1/" mapMinZoom="3" mapMaxZoom="9" opacity="0.75" leftUnderLat="15.9250093927" leftUnderLng="-98.6202653642" rightUpperLat="34.2288367998" rightUpperLng="-75.3072158051" />