Comparison with GMap4JSF

GMap4JSF is another library that integrates the Google Map API into JSF. Although the starting point is the same, the provided functionality and implementation is different.

MapFace is developped as pure Facelets components. It exists only of Javascript and XHTML pages. There is no dependency on Java or Java Server Faces. GMap4JSF are designed as custom JSF components with Java code for rendering the required code into the resulting web page. This library can be used in any application that uses JSF without the need to include Facelets. They also created a Facelet tag library so that it can be used in applications that use Facelets. On the otherhand, almost any JSF application uses facelets and if required, it can be added to any JSF application without a problem and without the need to use all the features of facelets.

Besides the technical differences between the two libraries, there is also a functional difference. Both libraries can represent a map with makers, quite obviously since it is the core of the Google Maps API, but the additional features differ. GMap4JSF supports the use of eventListeners, polygones and the display of custom images. MapFace on the otherhand allows clustering of the markers, searching of specific markers based on some keywords associated with a marker and the route planning between markers.