Using a clusterer to group your markers

With a clusterer you can simply group your markers into one or more clusterers to create a better overview. Also when you use a clusterer on large groups of markers, your maps will load faster.



For more information about the attributes used, please read the api.

<rd:map mapId="map_canvas" width="700px" height="500px" key="abcdefg" autoCenter="true">
	<rd:clusterer maxVisibleMarkers="7" gridSize="16" minMarkersPerCluster="2" />
	<rd:marker id="M1" address="A. Vaucampslaan 42"	city="1654 Huizingen" country="Belgium" name="Huizingen">
		<rd:infoWindow text="RealDolmen HQ" for="M1"/>
	<rd:marker id="M2" address="Prins Boudewijnlaan 26" city="2550 Kontich" country="Belgium" name="Boudewijnlaan">
		<rd:infoWindow text="Office Kontich Boudewijnlaan" for="M2"/>
	<rd:marker id="M3" address="Veldkant 33B" city="2550 Kontich" country="Belgium" name="Veldkant">
		<rd:infoWindow text="Office Kontich Veldkant" for="M3"/>
	<rd:marker id="M4" address="Bruidstraat 11" city="1000 Brussel" country="Belgium" name="Brussel">
		<rd:infoWindow text="Office Brussel" for="M4"/>
	<rd:marker id="M5" address="Grote Steenweg 15" city="9840 De Pinte" country="Belgium" name="De Pinte">
		<rd:infoWindow text="Office De Pinte" for="M5"/>
	<rd:marker id="M6" address="Centrum-Zuid 1527" city="3530 Houthalen" country="Belgium" name="Houthalen">
		<rd:infoWindow text="Office Houthalen" for="M6"/>
	<rd:marker id="M7" address="Kortrijksesteenweg 307" city="8530 Harelbeke" country="Belgium" name="Harelbeke">
		<rd:infoWindow text="Office Harelbeke" for="M7"/>
	<rd:marker id="M8" address="Prins Boudewijnlaan 26" city="2550 Kontich" country="Belgium" name="Axias">
		<rd:infoWindow text="Office Axias" for="M8"/>
	<rd:marker id="M10" address="Rue de Gembloux 9" city="5080 Rhisnes" country="Belgium" name="Namen">
		<rd:infoWindow text="Office Namen" for="M10"/>