MapFace is a product derived from a business need within RealDolmen. Within the company grew the demand for an application in which the employees, customers, RealDolmen quarters, ... would be placed on a map. A small project was set up. Two developers searched for libraries that already had implemented the requirements. None seemed sufficient enough, so they started out creating the application from scratch, making use of the Google Maps API. Eventually, a reusable component of a part of the application was demanded. This is where the story of MapFace starts.

But what is MapFace?

MapFace is a set of custom components for facelets. It integrates Google Maps in a JSF page that makes use of facelets. There are many possibilities provided by the map. For instance, you can add multiple markers which can be clustered if desired. Besides that, there's a possibility to search for markers on the map and to plan routes between two markers.


The other MapFace

In case you were searching for The Graphical Editor for MetaMap Transfer (MMTx) a project of the Vienna University of Technology, you can find it here. Both projects are unrelated but happen to have the same name.